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Creativity works in strange, magical, mysterious, and sometimes illusive ways. These sessions are designed to help you interpret your unique creative process and cycle. Together we will examine how your creativity functions, where your creative blocks might be, the way your creative cycle functions, and what feeds you creatively. This session offers guidance to connect with your creative core, where you are currently in your creative cycle, and an to the invitation for your next creative step. 

Some of the things we will discover/confirm/validate during your reading are:

  • your unique creative process & cycle

  • where you are experiencing/have experienced creative blocks

  • where your creativity could use a shake up

  • how you best receive creative support

  • how the current seasonal energy is effecting your creative cycle

Your reading is really your time and space to dive into the corners, spaces, and juicy bits that make your creative process what is is. I am not here to judge, but to hold space for you to be the fullest and truest version of you. I will guide you on this journey, but there will be plenty of space for you to ask questions, to receive validation that you are seen, and to just be as you are.

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