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I want to introduce you to the celestial you. 

Your natal chart tells you where the all planets were based on the specific day, time and place you were born. Most people already know their sun sign, and maybe their moon and rising sign too. A full birth chart reading goes into the placement of each planet in your unique chart! It give you a very detailed look at who you are as a person and what makes you, you. It details some of the ways you behave, act, the things you need, want and feel passionate about in life, and gives some insight into some of the things your generation is acting upon of thinking about! It's also a great indicator on things to be aware of and attentive to when it comes to who you are! 

Birth Chart Reading

Learn about your natal chart and personal astrology.

1:1 video/in person session (1.5-2hr)  $111

Seasonal reading

Learn about how the current astrological season will effect you personally. 

1:1 video/in person session (1hr) 



Learn more about your chart, personal astrology or astrology in general.

1:1 video/in person session (1.5hr) 


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