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About the Full Circle podcast

Full Circle: The Magic Mindset started as a passion project for Matt and Lea. They hope to bridge the gap between the widely accepted field of Psychology and less mainstream study of Astrology, allowing you as a listener to utilize more of your personal magic around your mindset.

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Matt Carlberg

LEa Lily

I have focused my education and career on understanding people. In school, I studied Psychology, Sociology, and Organizational Communications, which provides me with a picture of a person on a macro-, micro-, and biological level. I have spent many years working in the Human Resources, Communications, and Change Management fields. I hope to use this knowledge to help you look inward and be more mindful to better your life and the lives of those around you.

I am an Astrologer and Astrological Coach. I am a granter of gifts and a seer of souls. My gift is helping others to understand the full picture of themselves, and just how amazing that picture is! By translating the language of astrology, I help you to better understand your wants, needs, desires, dreams, healing and how to get there! 


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