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What I Love About Each of the Zodiac Signs


I love your warmth and authenticity Aries! You are a fire energy, bright, powerful, purposeful. You draw attention in a way that is magnetic and people marvel at your unique individuality. You are a force in the world and it shows. You show up as no one and nothing but yourself, always. Thank you for being YOU!


I love stable and supportive nature of Taurus’. These are the friends we can count on, the once that are driven like nobody business, the ones that will see their goals through. Your work ethic and followthrough are two things I greatly admire and appreciate about you. You work hard and it shows. Those who know and love you appreciate all you do and have done for them. You provide a stability that holds us all up.


I love your irritable sparkle and charm. Gemini you have a way with words. From sharing your beautiful, complex ideas to the silly noises you sometimes make, the way you share with and learn from others creates beautiful synergistic friendships. Not only do others learn a great deal from you but you also learn from them. You joy of people and getting to know and be around them makes being around you a magical experience (kinda like if someone were to throw a bunch of glitter up in the air, PURE MAGIC)!


I love your capacity to love, feel, empathize and share your deep, courageous, beautiful heart. You have a direct line to the hearts of others and inject them with the most beautiful love. You are a source of the purest, deepest love and those who know you are so lucky to get to bask in your golden love. Being around you is like getting a giant hug. You make others feel loved and cared for. Those lucky enough to be close to you are experiencing some of the purest and most loving energy they will ever know.


I LOVE your natural shine and warmth. You have the courage to put yourself and your heart out there even though it may not always be comfortable (and you’ve been hurt before!). Your capacity to love others deeply is magic and I admire your pure, deep, beautiful heart! Others feel drawn to you like we feel drawn to the light from the sun. There is a warmth, comfort and loving energy about you that others just want to bask in! 


I love your kindness and willingness to always help others. You want to make others lives better and you’re always there to lend a helping hand, share a kind word or give a long hug. You always find genuine joy in showing love and care to those around you. Being around you makes others feel like everything is going to be okay. You put them at ease and they so appreciate you for it.


I LOVE how selfless, kind and loving you are. You have this amazing ability to make others feel loved, heard, and held. You care greatly for others and always help them to see their beauty. I hope you know that you are just as beautiful, just as loved and just as held as the people you share your gifts with! You are a one of a kind friend and always find ways to be kind and treat others with love.


I love how powerful and honest you are. I admire your deep search for truth in life. The people that are close to you feel like you just get them, and you do. You can see others in a way that they can’t always see themselves. You’re the mirror of truth we may not always want but that we sure as heck need!


I love your hunter for exploration and expansion. You want to expand yourself and what you are capable of while also bringing others (and the world) along with you. You are a healer, teacher and big idea thinker. I love the generosity with which you share your findings with the world and those you love! 


I LOVE your patience and dedication. This is not only to the things in your life and in what you want for yourself, but also around the people in your life as well. You are a wonderful and lasting friend and those lucky enough to be around you not only feel supported but grounded as well. Those who love you feel like they can depend on and count on you. You show up for them time and time again!


I LOVE your originality. Your fearlessness, your boldness, your inherent ability to be yourself in every moment, unapologetically. Being around you puts those who truly know and love you at ease. You are a magical, sometimes misunderstood being, but this is not a bad thing, it means you are fiercely original and one of a kind. I admire that you are able to be just that. You don't apologize for being the person that you are and wanting what you want and those around you that love you really appreciate this energy about you. 


I LOVE your empathy and compassion. You care so deeply for those you love and your love for them is unconditional. You have this incredible ability to connect with anyone and everyone. People feel at home and comfortable around you almost instantly! You radiate love and sunshine and those who come into contact with you can see and feel it!

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