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What's Your Sign's Superpower?


Your superpower is super strength! Emotionally and physically strong you are able to blast obstacles out of your way! Whatever comes your way, you're able to handle it!


You're superpower is Alchemy. Because of your strong connection and control over the five senses, you are able to weave magic (or poison) into each and every environment you encounter.


Your superpower is Shape Shifting! (Be careful! Can be used for evil!) You have the ability to morph in and out of different personalities or beings!


You are a mind reader! Because of your empathetic abilities you can trace what people are feeling back to the thoughts they are having to make them feel that way.


Eternal Youth is your superpower! This doesn't just mean looking young! It means that you carry the heart of a child within you and make every room you enter brighter and more fun! You are the sun's energy walking! You radiate beautiful warm light!


You've got the power of super intelligence!  Part of your power comes from that big, beautiful mind of yours giving you super intelligence and brain power!


You've got some serious Power of Persuasion! It comes from your ability as a Libra to see both sides of things and weigh one option against another! You can help other people see both sides too and easily persuade them!


Mind Manipulation is the Scorpio superpower! (Be careful! Can be used for evil!) You have a good eye for people's fears and vulnerabilities which makes you a master mind controller and manipulator!


Energy Manipulation is your superpower!  You have the ability to manipulate and control external energy and the energy of the universe, your mind is far more expansive than just the physical realm!


Leadership is your superpower! (Be careful! Can be used for evil!) You have the magic of uniting people from from your family, to a community, to the world. What you say and fight for has tremendous power in the world!


You're an energy bender!  You have the ability to harness the forces of dark and light energy within yourself and within the world, you just have to set your mind to it!


Mind Control is the Pisces superpower! (Be careful! Can be used for evil!) You have a little knowledge of each sign inherently within you which makes you great at knowing the minds of others and seeing how they work!

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