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With a Virgo sun and Scorpio moon, my work and what I am creating has always been extremely and deeply important to me. It took years of searching and getting to know myself to find and uncover my deep, soul connected passion of astrology. I am a seer of souls and a granter of gifts, helping you to transmute your darkness into light. I am passionate about the moon, stars, sun and all the magic they have to offer us. I am passionate about helping you discover your true self and all the magic you have to offer. I want to help you uncover and feel the power that we each have within us and guide you in embracing your uniqueness. Whether you’ve been on the path for years or are just starting out, I would love to support you any way I can on your journey.

lea the astrologer

Astrology About



I want to introduce you to the celestial you. Ready to explore your personal astrology?


Let's explore your compatibility with your partner, significant other or even a close friend!


Discover how to best parent, family astrology dynamics, strengths and weakness of household members.


Learn about your client’s astrology and ways you can best serve them.


Got one of life's big life questions on your mind? Let's find some answers in the stars!


My 1:1 coaching sessions are meant to provide you with support in diving deeper into anything that comes up after your birth chart reading. These sessions are tailored to you specifically and what you need guidance in most. 


Working with tarot cards can tell us so much about what’s going on deep inside. The cards connect us to our inner wisdom and intuition. Tarot helps us reveal and uncover our subconscious needs, wants, habits, blocks, emotions and desires. The cards have a special way of exposing us to what we may be trying to rationalize, avoid or even confirm in our daily lives.




Not only did I enjoy working with Lea VERY much, the birth chart reading and coaching was one of the most impactful experiences I have ever had with a coach - and in such a short time. I cannot express how powerful and potent the content is, and I have literally burst into my power after learning and understanding myself to the core like I do now. My birth chart session put my ego mind to rest, and with the additional coaching I am now embodying my truth and fully aligned with my purpose.

Do I recommend working with Lea?




I got a reading done from Lea last week and it activated some BIG TRUTH in my being. Never have I ever gotten such direct downloads from another intuitive being in my life. Being a really soul-guided person on this planet, I tend to do my own readings and get understanding of my self from within but holy moly did this woman give me some clarity. After our reading, some giant inspiration found me and I got three new clients simply from following the guidance she gave. She reminded me to stand in my truth and harness the power I have for unconditional love and service to our planet. My job here on this planet is to love and provide complete support to the beings inside it. I have been moved to stop confining myself with making hard sales or pushing offerings but just to trust that in open service to the world, all that is meant to support me will. Thank you Lea for this reading. I am still absorbing all of its truth and it has been incredible for me to witness you in your gift, standing in your power. I plan to collaborate and work with this woman again and again in the future and encourage anyone who is curious to do the same.



 Lea Lily was AMAZING!! She was a blast to talk to and right off the bat I wish we were closer so we can talk all the time :) she knew me better than most people know me,  just based on how I might react given my star chart, and also made me feel like she had a lot of depth and analysis, not just "here's your sign". I hope you do it, and I hope you enjoy it! It's been weeks and i'm still reeling! <3



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